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GGGG Posts: 82
This is a running one rather than a pure tri one. I seem to have developed a slightly negative race head recently whilst running cc races.

Things like taking it easy on the approach to hills and up them to save energy for the rest of the course rather than the old army style of throwing 100% at everything.

I used to not really think about anything but know i keep thinking (sometimes negative like im pushing too hard when im not) and losing my rhythm.

Any tips


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Take a break and go and do something else,track work,dune runnning on the beach,you have just hit a flat spot.A change could do you a world of good.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    hmmm, well matey in terms of backing off on the hills rather than surge up them is probably a good tactic, simply because you can loose so much energy surging up hills without a same returns in time. Although in terms of best race performance I believe the way to tackle hills best it with a high cadence and short stride length, a quick trot up the hill I call it.

    In regards to thinking negative thoughts like pushing too hard etc. I have always championed the combined Distraction theory/my body knows what to do theory! Basically I distract myself on the run as much as possible, in training it is music, in races I go off into a fantasy world, like a day dream. I find not only does it allow me to run faster for longer, but I find my body keeps to its rhythm.

    I know this is harder with cross-country, I do a bit of fell running over the some of the moors around leeds, an i find I cant be too distracted otherwise I trip over that badly placed rock!

    As an overall picture you have to remember is that your legs are hurting, its not because they are tired or have built up lactic acid, its because your unconscious brain is telling your body you must slow down to conserve energy! At this point you kick your unconscious brains ass and tell it "If your gonna be like that I'm gonna run faster". Works for me!
  • GGGG Posts: 82
    Thanks for the info. Still been doing CC running but having lots of fun with it. Been running some fartlek sessions too. Its amazing how even small changes make a difference. Also been speaking to the mens captain of a rival running club and he said to do some training with them. Im going to do that too.

    I have mentioned leg cadence before and I was mocked! I totally agree with you though. When your cycling you dont churn a massive gear up a hill, so i thought it would naturally work in running.

    I train in the New Forest (very flat) but in the next couple of weeks its of to eaither the Isle of Wight or Dorset Coastline to do some proper hill runs.

    Im feeling pretty good again just talking about it. My running in the past weeks has vastly improved. Finding a good rhythm again and im running much faster.

    Looking forward to my next race, next week. Going to be super agressive and I have some scalps lined up!

    Cheers again


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