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Deda tri bars

GGGG Posts: 82
I have been using Profile Jammer tri bars the last few months, but just cant get on with them. Especially as i use my bike for road racing there never on very long. Also if i leave them on i cant get on the top of the handlebars on hills. Its not working!

I pal of mine uses and 100% reccomends Deda clip one bars.

They seem ideal! Especially as you neednt attach the arm rests. Im going to cut the bottom off my roll mat then wrap some new tape over the top of the handlebars then my arms wont go numb. When im tired i can widen my arms but still in the tuck. Then when its eyeballs out i can get into a tgiht tuck.

Anyway, any of you guys use these bars. All feedback welcome.

Ps if anyone wants some carbon profile jammer tri bars give me a shout and maybe we could work something out!


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