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Bulging Tyres

Hi All,

A bit of advice needed please!

I have just put some road slick tyres onto my mountain bike for my winter commutes to work. They are the correct size etc and I have blown them up to the psi on the tyre wall.

Only problem is there is a bulge pushing the tyre slightly off the wheel and brushing the brakes. Do you think this could be due to the fact my tyres are slightly buckled? Any ideas or comments would be most welcome.

Also, would you recommend I ride to work as normal. I know something is not right, instinct tells me its "fairly safe" but the views of you guys would be nice.



  • transittransit Posts: 163
    That doesn't sound right to me. I would have expected the slick tyre to be narrower than the knobbly I assume you had on before so it shouldn't catch the brakes (unless the old one did). It is possible the tyre is not properly located under the rim or that the quick release is not located correctly. It's hard to say without seeing it but I would be cautious.
  • Jason NJason N Posts: 36
    Could be the tyre bead wasnt located properly before you inflated the tyre. I would deflate the tyre, smear a bit of fairy liquid around where the tyre wall meets the rim. This should help ensure it locates properly. Re-inflate and see what happens.

    It is possible that the weave inside the tyre is damaged.

    Whatever the cause, I wouldnt ride anywhere! If its rubbing this is potential puncture territory/blown inner tube etc

  • GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi Guys,

    Many thanks for the advice. With a little patience and some washing up liquid I sorted the bulge.

    Used it on the way to swimming this evening, and.... I did not realise it was possible to have that much fun on a mountain bike, as a very surprised fella on a road bike found out!



  • You might want to run the tyer at a lower psi than the max stated on the side wall, most manufacturers tyers have an optimum performance psi that would be lower which would also give you better grip now the wet stuff has arrived and the leaves are falling.
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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