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International Snowdon Race

GGGG Posts: 82
off subject - what was your PB?


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    GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi All,

    After a big PB @ 10k I have found it hard to motivate myself. Its taken three weeks to get the running shoes in again and apart from a noticable drop in fitness things seem ok.

    A new goal I have is to run the Snowdon Race in July. Just wondered if anyone had run it in previous years? Be good to hear some mountain running stories and possibly get a few useful tips.


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    GGGG Posts: 82
    Hi sfuller.

    (Bit of background) I ran my first 10k in May last year in 59.56. My goal after was to run sub 45. Got close in November with a 45.46 on a hilly CC course. Then in March I ran 43.28. My coach from the running club said I was still holding back (bassed on who I keep up with in our intrval sessions) and that I should be running around 42 mins. That was my goal for the Totton 10k. On the Friday I had sickness and dihorea, didnt eat Saturday then decided that evening to run on the sunday. Found the race really hard and ran 46.24. I know there were surumstances behind this and id of been better off not running but it felt like a real step backwards.

    This is why now im looking to do some longer events (im good for a half marahon) and also get back to the roots of why i started running...to be out in the countryside!

    I will run a sub 43 this year but after I have done a few sprints and hopefully a half marathon and the snowdon run.

    Sorry to go on, feels good to get that off my chest though!


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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    thats a good time. I am doing my first 10k in June and my training times around around 48-49 mins... i want to get it down and will!

    Anyway, good luck
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