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NEW JUNIOR - Advice please.

My daughter, 13, is a club swimmer, Captain of her school year XC team, falls of bikes alot, and wants to try a triathlon.

I'd be grateful for any advice about suitable events (we live Beds / Bucks), Kit, bikes etc.. it would be nice for her to have suitable kit so that she can enjoy an event but don't won't to spend a fortune until / if she decides that she'd like to follow the sport.

Training she will get from her sports involvement and riding with me.

Many thanks in advance.

Dad trying to keep up!


  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    My first bit of advice is to have a look at joining a club with a junior section. Tri-Force in St Albans and Shiers Triers in Berkhampstead both have junior sections. I know that Shiers Triers run junior races at Kings Langley School during the season. There are other clubs around you (FVS Tri in Hitchin, Team Milton Keynes and Bedford Traktors) but I'm not sure if they have junior sections. If you check out the British Triathlon website, www.britishtriathlon.org they will have full listings of clubs in your area (eastern).

    As for kit I think you have the right idea in not going crazy. Any bike will be ok to race on as long as it's in good condition. Decent running shoes are important for anyone as well as a helmet. You will probably have a better idea of kit when you find out about events. I don't know if any junior races are held in open water, the Kings Langley race will be pool based.

    Like I say, you will probably get the best advice by speaking to clubs. Good luck and I hope your daughter enjoys it.

  • Thanks David, I'll contact Shiers Triers. I've suggested to S that she spectates at a couple of events to get the flavour of the competition and process and Kings Langly is just down the road.

    Paul M

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