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Struggling to build a plan for 70.3 and more

Hi all. I completed my first 70.3 last June, and plan to do another in June 2020. However, my other goals for the year are making it hard to figure out a training plan (I???ve used Training Peaks plans in the past). My 2020 plan is: Cambridge half marathon in March - aiming to improve on 1:38 Ride the Scottish North Coast 500 in early June (100 miles per day) Holkham 70.3 in late June (aiming to get under 6 hours Despite my 50 min swim time) Do the Grim Reaper ultra marathon (4x10 mile laps in 25 hours) in July Maybe run a marathon sometime in the year. Any thoughts/ideas on how to put together a relevant and sensible training plan? Thanks Nick


  • MartinH2MartinH2 Posts: 19

    Hi Nick

    We have just launched some training plans that will help you - aimed at middle and full distance triathlon.

    They are fully described and come with a training plan guide to explain how to train, how to do the sessions, etc and use the same approach we use for our online coached atlhetes who are seeing some great results and qualifying for world championships.

    If you are interested, see: https://mastersoftri.com/coaching/training-plans/

    We have numersous articles that will also b of help for general training advice


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Can't beat Matt Fitzgerald's 80/20 Triathlon for around ??12
  • MarkR2MarkR2 Posts: 1

    Hi Nick

    You should be well underway with your 1/2 mara training, but I would sugegst the best thing you can do is invest into a coach, either face to face or online. They will be able to manage your training for you and work a schedule to minimise injury risk and maximise your training. All the events are doable, provided you don't overdo it in any area, which is where they would be able to help.

    Also, make sure you fit in plenty of rest and keep on top of nutrition.

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