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Hi, I'm new here and new to Triathlon.  I've always loved Running (up to Marathon distance) and Cycling (100k days) but my lack of swim experience beyond swimming with my kids has always stopped me from going for a Tri.  I've decided this should change so I've entered a local Sprint Tri at the beginning of May.  I'm fairly comfortable with doing swim but I've a question regarding T1.  My plan is to wear Tri shorts for the race duration but what do I do with my cycling Top?  Can I take it to the pool side with me or must I leave it in the TA? Only worried about this as I don't want to get cold before the swim starts...    


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Check the competitor notes for the event and if there is nothing there email the organiser and ask. Generally shoes and other items can be left near the swim exit

    It is against the rules to be topless
  • Thanks Harry so I have to wear a top in the pool?
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Not necessarily. You may be able to leave it on poolside or close by or the organiser may waive the nudity rule. Hence email the organiser. You'll not be alone

    In our local pool tri many (males) swim topless but pass through the sports hall on the way to T1 where shoes and tops only may be left

    Don't be worried about getting cold before the swim. You'll soon warm up. Never been an issue with me whatever the weather for a pool based tri
  • Thanks Harry, messaged the organisers and they confirmed no need for a top in the pool ???????? And OK to cover up in T1

    Thanks again
  • There could really obstacles to our plan. But I think it would be better if you could find someone or something who can help you push your plans. As similar to working out time its also important to read or mantra motivational articles, and follow it up with tips blogs.

    I have read tip training on triathlon beginners. It might help; TOP 10 TIPS FOR THE FIRST TIME TRIATHLETE.

    Hope this helps! 🤗

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