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First Tri Bike

Hi everyone I???m thinking of getting my first tri bike however I can???t decide between the Ribble Ultra Tri and the Trek Speed Concept. I really like the look of the Trek and reviews Iv seen are all good however I can get a much more highly spec???d Ribble (DI2 shifting, carbon wheelset) for the same price. I???m just wondering what others opinions are on the two bikes really. If the Treks frame is substantially better quality I think I???d prefer to get that and upgrade components later. Thanks


  • Hi Andrew, I have a BRAND NEW Trek Speed Concept project 1 size 56cm that I’m just about to photograph properly to sell.

    It’s never ever been ridden. Bought by me from Mike Taylor at Bridgetown Cycles, it has dura ace Di2. Zipp Carbon rear disc, 808 front. Here’s a picture mid build. Looking for £5250.00. If your interested I’ll forward the full spec, I’m based in the Midlands..

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