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Have you already planned your vacation 2020?

I want to find an interesting route for a trip with my friend this summer (if the epidemic ends). This is what helps me not to die of boredom now. I would like to know more about interesting routes for two young people.


  • No, I had to cancel my trip to Spain this spring, but I haven't planned our vacation after quarantine. But we had a lot to visit before. I really like traveling and usually I don’t have much money for it, so I choose budget tours and countries. For example, I really liked in Poland and the Czech Republic. Also, last year we visited Ukraine for the first time. Remember the series about Chernobyl from the HBO? I found tours to Chernobyl from Kiev on the Internet and I really wanted to visit this ghost town. I have always been interested in such unusual excursions. Especially after the series, I had a lot of questions that I asked our guide. I really saw in reality something unreal for me - a completely empty city, where time stopped. This is a very unforgettable experience. If you have the opportunity to visit  Kiev for a few days, I advise you to visit Chernobyl.

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