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Do you know about high altitude training?

Altitude training can produce increases in speed, strength, endurance, and recovery by maintaining altitude exposure for a significant period of time. A study using simulated altitude exposure for 18 days, yet training closer to sea-level, showed performance gains were still evident 15 days later. Is there’s a way to increase the Red blood cells by training without travelling over 5000 feet above sea level? Yes, there’s a way. We bring mountains down to you. Who we are? We are Altipeak™ International Ltd. Altitude chamber is a Multinational Company with offices and manufacturing facilities dotted around the globe with a reputation to provide the best high altitude training equipment and facilities. Through our very own CE, EN, and ISO Certified Patented Altitude Machinery we provide our customers with the world’s safest altitude training chambers! We monitor and control oxygen levels, temperature, humidity and most importantly Co2 levels The focus of Altitude chamber is to provide tailor-made reliable Altitude training solutions to our clients which allows Athletes and Fitness enthusiasts to achieve their goals. Visit our website to know more about us.


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