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Women's wetsuit sizing/fit advice


I'm looking for my first open water wetsuit, and so far I'm a little stumped. I'm not tall and skinny, which means that sporting equipment is often not sized with my body type in mind (although I'm fairly average in size and shape: 165cm/67kg with even weight distribution ie. neither busty, pear shaped nor hourglass). My first try has been a Zone3 Versa suit, and that has been a major fail - could not even get the suit past my thighs, and if I size up I would be going into a sizing range made for much taller people. I accept that I'll probably have to try on lots of suits to find a good fit, but it would be nice if someone could point me in the direction of which brands to begin with  

As far as skill level, I have good technique and a tendency towards shoulder issues, so my thought is to prioritize shoulder mobility over buoyancy, or maybe find some sort of happy medium? For water temperatures 15 degrees and above. 

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