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Tri Bike or Road bike for first IRONMAN Wales

Hi all,

I am due to compete in IRONMAN Wales in september (if it goes ahead) I currently have a 8 year old aluminium Cinelli which is fine for training and casual riding but I dont think its much of a speed machine.  

I am unsure if I should upgrade my road bike and go for a nice carbon bike and get some clip on aero bars, or just commit to getting a tri bike.

my concern with getting a tri bike is the limited time I would have to get used to it having never ridden one before and as Ironman wales is a very hilly bike course I might be quicker both ascending and descending on a bike that I would be more used to.  

If I was going for a road bike to add aero bars to which geometry would be the best?  I have seen some people say and aero bike and some say an endurance bike?


Any help would be much appreciated!!

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