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Hope the season is going well for all and you are all produceing the results your looking for.

personnaly i have today completed my first Olympic distance race in a total time of 2hr48.26 on a very hilly cycle route on portland(those of you that know the place will know what i mean by HILL).

Finished 25th overall so i am chuffed to n**s and will now celebrate with a large roast and bottle or red.

See you at london let us all know how your all getting on....



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    Hey, well done, its always great when the training comes together and you get a good result. Especially on a hilly course!

    I am based in Dublin and have my first olympic of the year - beast of the east its called!! just south of Dublin in wicklow. Likewise, quite hilly, but beautiful scenary.

    Congrats again.

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    First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Best of luck and enjoy threelittlefonzys let us know how you do

    Catch ya soon[;)]
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