Home Training for a Triathlon


Are you interested in keeping up your fitness through the winter months? I would love to be of service with a creative triathlon-based training plan tailored to your personal aspirations and situation.

I spent two years coaching the Stanford Triathlon Team and have worked with a diverse group of individual athletes. I focus on triathlon training as a gateway to be healthy, both of mind and body. I welcome the opportunity to work with you.


The format and structure is dependent on your needs and desires. It can be as small as a workout plan with a once a month touch base, to as much as a weekly call to dive deeper into the behavioral psychology of training and being of healthy body and mind. Workout and training plans can be quite dynamic, ranging from training for a particular event/race to simply structuring a dependable routine to help get you in a groove. I specialize in workout plans that don’t require a gym and can be done indoors in the winter with a range of workouts that go far beyond the three triathlon sports.


What does it cost? I have decided to explore inclusive pricing as I recognize there are many forms of value beyond just money and different folks have different abilities to pay. Pay what you can, or, we can get creative. For example, you can volunteer for a cause we both support. There are many ways to cut this cake!


If you are curious to learn more, send me a message at [email protected] and we can set up a time for a quick chat. If you know someone who might be interested, please feel free to share this opportunity. Here’s to us all staying healthy of body and mind among the many challenges of today’s world and I hope I can be of service to your pursuit of fitness and a healthy mentality.

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