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Do people find it comfortable running in tri-suit

Entered Ironman distance triathlon

Wondering if experienced male triathletes find comfortable running in a tri-suit, does the chamois/padding getting annoying or does it feel like its not even there?

(of course can buy a tri-suit and test run in it but its an expensive way to find out!)

So just getting an idea of what experienced people do


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  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
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    Some tri-suits are designed for ironman distance events so you may wish to consider one of those. I find a normal tri-suit perfectly fine for events of 5 hours

    Before you buy check out the transition arrangements on the event website. Usually there are changing facilities that allow you to change kit. So its a case of bike shorts post swim and running shorts post bike. Changing may take a few minutes but racing comfortably should save you much more time


  • @HarryD great answer , many thanks , i think I'll stick with what you said in the last sentence and go for changing but being comfortable throughout!

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