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1st long distance training duration

Hi all, I've entered my first long distance tri and I'm looking for advice on training plan duration. I've been doing tri for about 6 years and have completed every distance up to half distance. I have 2 young children (2yrs old and 8months old) and work full time. I've never ran further than a half marathon or biked further than 75 miles, so just wondered if it's worth having a longer plan of around 48 weeks or shorter around 24 weeks? Thanks.


  • According to me, here is the basic formula for an effective training schedule-

    1. Workout three days a week.
    2. Two days a week, for 20 to 30 minutes, jog or run/walk.
    3. On the weekends, go for a longer run or run/walk (40 to an hour).
    4. On your off days, take a nap or do some other type of exercise.
    5. At a conversational pace, proceed.
    6. Think about regularly going for walks.
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