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Swim Plan - Zero to 1.5km in 13 months

Hi all, this is my first post, looking for some beginners advice. Not sure if this is the norm and I hope the long term triathletes don’t take offence but I have put in a target of doing the 70.3 in Cork in 13 months (I’ve never done a triathlon before).

Covid has has been tough and I need a ‘beacon’ that gives me more purpose than my typical strength and conditioning training and to bring some more satisfaction to my training journey. I also want to meet new people and join a community.

Between now and next August I plan to get a few sprint and Olympic triathlons in to build up experience of on the day and hopefully one or two half marathons.

I’m pretty confident I can plan the run and bike parts of my programming (I’m sure I’ll start a new thread on these in the future) but I really need some help with the swim.

Currently I can only do about 4 sets of 2 laps of the pool. How do I build up to the 1.5km over the next 13 months with focus on improving my technique firstly. Any templates or links to precise linear progression programmes would be great. I can manage 2 swims per week.

The rest of my programming is 2-3 runs per week, 1 cycle and 2 short strength sessions as well my mobility work.

Any other tips or heads up on rookie mistakes would be much appreciated.


  • Went to book my slot for the Cork 70.3 and it’s sold out as this was pushed out from 2021. Looks like there are plenty others around Europe between July-September so I’ll go for another destination once the race calendar updates.

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