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Heart rate problems

Hi, please can you help, I’m at a loss to understand my HR problem. 

A little background. I came from cycling, time trialling, I have always been able to rely on my tested LTLR of 160. 

The problem, since the end of 2020, I can’t get my heart rate above zone 2 (130-144) when on the bike. I use 80/20 method and can get slightly into zone X. I started Triathlon in 2019 and had no issues. The last time I was able to get into a high Tempo Threshold was my last race I n 2020! I took a break in December 2020 and the problem began. I have only managed to do it on a tough hill. Once and once on the turbo. Since.

I considered that I was fighting a bug. This always lowered my HR. I considered that my power was de-coupled from my HR but that should have recovered by now. I had my bike and power meter stolen a month ago so can’t measure power on the road now. I can get the HR up through the zones I when running. 

Any suggestions for the cause, the solution or just pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance.


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