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Endless Pool 4 sale

It's too cold for open water and the pools are full of South of France breaststrokers (heads up - don't get the hair or make up wet)

the solution..........................An Endless Pool

I have an Endless Pool for sale as a result of developing the land at my house.

At present the pool is housed in converted stables at the bottom of my garden which I will shortly be redeveloping.

The pool is the standard size 8' x 15' externally and 7' x 14' internally and has the standard 5HP motor. It also has synthetic coping and the swim meter. I have removed the 'tilted' mirror and installed an 8' x 2' mirror on the floor (better able to correct technique)

The pool has been used everyday by myself and the Swimmers and Triathletes I have coached as part of my business (Slippery Fish).

These really are fantastic bits of kit. I use a front mounted snorkel a lot so that I can focus on watching my stroke in the mirror. They are also perfectly suited to underwater video analysis

The cost of a new pool is £13,000 + Vat and Shipping but you can have this one for £8,000

check out the website at [color=#0000ff]www.endlesspools.co.uk[/color]


  • Diddy5Diddy5 Posts: 6

    I know you posted this message quite a while back but was just wondering if you sold your endless pool?

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