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Open Water or Endless Pool

It's too cold for open water and the pools are full of South of France breaststrokers (heads up - don't get the hair or make up wet)

the solution..........................An Endless Pool

I have an Endless Pool for sale as a result of developing the land at my house.

At present the pool is housed in converted stables at the bottom of my garden which I will shortly be redeveloping.

The pool is the standard size 8' x 15' externally and 7' x 14' internally and has the standard 5HP motor. It also has synthetic coping and the swim meter. I have removed the 'tilted' mirror and installed an 8' x 2' mirror on the floor (better able to correct technique)

The pool has been used everyday by myself and the Swimmers and Triathletes I have coached as part of my business (Slippery Fish).

These really are fantastic bits of kit. I use a front mounted snorkel a lot so that I can focus on watching my stroke in the mirror. They are also perfectly suited to underwater video analysis

The cost of a new pool is £13,000 + Vat and Shipping but you can have this one for £8,000

check out the website at [color=#0000ff]www.endlesspools.co.uk[/color]


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    BenwatBenwat Posts: 11
    Glen its been in the back of my mind for a few years now about buying an endless pool, main reason why not is space, I have a large garden but no roof. Can you tell me, would the pool your selling be ok for a garden and do you have any photos of the pool that your selling?

    regards Ben.
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    Hi Ben

    Yes, you could install it in the open. It would obviously mean running cost would be a little higher (heat loss) and I would suggest the 'proper cover' as opposed to the 'blanket'. You would however still need a small boxed/covered/insulated area near the pool to house the heater, filter and hydraulic pump (about 4'x2' would be enough).

    Cant seem to get the pictures out of the folder at the moment - will add them as soon as i've worked it out. If you follow this link you can see the possibilities........only in America!!!


    Pic numbers 107 & 2237 are my fav's

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