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Norseman Book

Identical twin brothers Iain and Andrew Todd (44) have published a book ‘DNF - Did Not Finish’ detailing their attempts at completing the most extreme triathlon in the world – Norseman. 


About the book - It details how two ordinary guys, with busy lives, spent 20 years learning to swim, bike and run. The tale is told separately by each brother as they discuss their childhood on the Isle of Lewis, their sporting history of success and failure, and finally their attempt at the Norseman race.

About the race - Norseman is an extreme triathlon race based in Norway. The race is limited to 250 athletes a year. The athletes start by jumping from a ferry into ice-cold fjords four meters below. Competitors then swim 3.8km to the beautiful town of Eidfjord before cycling 112 miles through hilly terrain, often in bad weather. Finally, to end the race, competitors run a marathon, which includes conquering the peak of Gaustatoppen – a 1850m tall mountain. 

Iain Todd said: “Andrew and I grew up on the Isle of Lewis. We regularly traveled by ferry to and from the island. Whilst traveling, I would joke with Andrew that one of us should jump off the ferry, just to add some excitement to the journey. Neither of us realized that many years later we would both jump from a ferry to start the extreme triathlon - Norseman.”

Andrew Todd said:  “There was only one problem with our ambition to do the race. Neither Iain nor I had ever completed a triathlon. The book details the 10 years we spent trying to learn to swim, bike and run. It is a light hearted tale which will hopefully make people laugh."

Iain Todd said:  “I hope readers can relate to the book. It shows how you can achieve anything even if you start from nothing. For example, when we did our first ever triathlon I came last and Andrew was second last. We are not top class athletes, we had many failures on the road to Norseman but we show that through hard work and fun we could achieve our dream.”

You can find further information here www.twinbikerun.com


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