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2018 Argon 18 E119 Tri+ size L with Ultegra Di2, Quarq power meter and HED wheels

Selection of pictures here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXfBDik

Missing a couple of some-might-say vital components, this superbike is otherwise ready to ride “out of the box garage”! Bought in 2018 as a frame and kitted out with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gear shifting, a Kogel ceramic bottom bracket, Quarq power meter and HED wheels, this has been a wonderful bike which has conquered numerous triathlons, including 5 Ironman races, but is now looking for a new home. Add your own pedals and saddle (pretty vital, really) and it’s ready to propel you speedily through all your plans for 2022 and beyond.

A great opportunity to obtain a fully functioning, high-spec triathlon superbike with components that are extremely hard to come by this year due to the global shortage. Be ready for the ‘22 season while others still curse the Suez Canal! 😀

A Christmas present - to yourself!

* Argon 18 e119 Tri+ frame in size Large

* Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic groupset, consisting of:

- bar end and base bar twin-button shifters

- positioned-for-you eWires and junction boxes (you’re very welcome, bent coat hanger not required!!!)

- FD 6870 and RD 6870 derailleurs 

- BT 110 battery in seat stem, capable of programmable and synchronous shifting via the Shimano eTube app

- 50-34t chainset, 170mm cranks and Ultegra 11-23 cassette

- battery charger and wire removal tool

* Quarq DFour power meter (coin battery removed for use on turbo trainer)

* Kogel bottom bracket with ceramic bearings

* HED Jet Black 6 and Jet Black 9 rim brake deep-section wheels with wide internal rim and QR skewers from September 2017, with Continental GP4000s II tyres (23 front, 25mm rear). Only used for races, kept stored in the garage in wheel bags otherwise.

* All other parts that came with the original frame, including the Tailwind storage box, attachment and carbon bottle cages and top tube storage box. Spacers and bolts for cockpit adjustment and two sets of carbon extension poles.

* 3 (and a half! One set used for 2 races) of new armrest pads, new brake pads in packaging and recently (this summer) installed new bolts, Garmin bike computer mount, 2 spare rear derailleur hangers, and spare battery. An order for the spare pads and various bolts was placed in February 2020 and not all have arrived yet at my LBS!!!!

* A choice of two between-the-arms hydration options, one from XLab and one from Speedfil. Take whichever you prefer. I ditched the original Profile Design one that came with the bike as it leaked badly.

* New brake cables were installed this summer too when I flipped the base bar - and got all familiar with that coat hanger again!

* Original receipt available

Points to note

* I have FINALLY found a saddle that suits me, so that’s staying with my behind, sorry!

* Bring your own pedals to the party as these will trot across to my road bike, sorry!

* Everything is in fantastic condition, very carefully looked after for the past few years. Only mark I could find really was on the left base bar edge:

* Tailwind box has scuffs from when it detached itself on a New Forest ride way back but not very noticeable

* Wheels have some cosmetic marks from use as to be expected. Front wheel rattles when pushing the bike due to a piece of tape that fell off inside. Is not noticeable when at normal riding speed.

* Most parts of frame are daubed with “invisible” indelible blobs as part of Yellow Jersey Insurance DNA+ Forensic Coding Kit security marking. The only really obvious one is on the base bar now that I have flipped it over as this was painted on what was originally the under side. This is the most obvious when directly under the light:

* Reason for selling is it’s time for an upgrade and I’m not allowed to trot out the “N+1” line this time!

Best things about this bike and setup

* This frame was bought to replace an Argon 18 e116 frame from 2014 (still have THAT receipt too!) that I used previously as it fixed several things I really didn’t get on with with that model. 

* Here are my thoughts on why this has been a truly wonderful bike for 3+ years and why I think it will make you smile as much as I have when riding:

* Vertical vs e116 horizontal dropout - rear wheel would not seat straight and would rub against the frame, almost causing me to fall after T2 at Bognor triathlon. Vertical dropout = insert and forget, a big improvement

* Rear brake assembly - e116 was under the chainset by the bottom bracket and a pig to adjust. This aero offering is a great idea, easily adjustable with an Allen key, out of the airflow, neat and tidy, hidden, a stroke of genius

* Front brake assembly - also very aero with a covering, looks clean, also Allen key adjustable, action the handle to pop out the cable from its fitting to fold over the handlebar for travelling

* Talking of which - travel ease: couple of Allen keys, undo a few bolts, pop the brake, fold over the base bar, unplug the eWires, remove battery, remove rear derailleur and pedals or groupset, pack in box, go. Very straightforward, convenient and well thought-out

* Massive cockpit adjustability - bars forward and aft in their holders, arm pads forward, backwards and in/out, stack height from zero to 90mm, tilt from 0 to 15 degrees. I like a full tilt up and have moved from 50mm spacers to zero now in the search of extra speed, but it’s super easy to adjust in 5mm increments. Finding the ideal position for you should be not too painful, literally. Especially with two sets of extension poles now, one shorter, one longer

* Tailwind box - really liked this for kit and nutrition. Carried two CO2 canisters (you never know) and inflator head, spare inner tube, tyre levers, tyre boot and patches and THEN up to three Veloforte bars. Two carbon bottle cages allow bottles to be carried out of the airflow and are easily accessible.

* Online instruction manual - really great bit of reference for things like what bolts for what spacers, torque values, replacing brake cables etc


£5750 or very near offer, please. Lots of kit and value here, which I hope you can see and appreciate, so I won’t be persuaded down by very much. 

Contact details for any questions

Rupert Rhodes

[email protected]

07976 577945

Located in Portsmouth

Able to deliver to addresses not too far either side of the A3 and M25 between Portsmouth and Heathrow at an arranged time and date.

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