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A very general comment

Dear fellow triathletes and endurance enthusiasts,

The past 2 years we've been struggling trying to keep our website myracediary.com up and running and more important our events database full of events that actually happened at the day they are announced. With the help of volunteers we had to do loads of adjustments on the fly.

This year, we believe, we are back to some sort of normality and keen to see all you guys competing again on a regular basis, as we used to.

All of you (athletes as well as organizers) can help keeping our database up to date and useful for our visitors by adding your events (participated or participating in / organizing or organized) to our database.

If you like to make our hard work worthwhile, please sign up and use our free online tools.

Please share the love and see you on the race track :-)

Yours sincerely,

Ed (Owner and creator of MyRaceDiary)

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