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I came across an article on breathing trainers that talked about the benefits for athletes. So I decided to get one and so far it has helped me to gain more breathing resistance and I feel my performance has improved. So I encourage any fellow athlete to look into these breathing trainers as I think they work (or at least mine does). I got mine at www.eolosweb.com


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    hey RobMaraton,

    just a quick thought: This thread sounds more like some spam-advertising thingie than some serious advice to other athletes. I might be wrong or not, but since this is your first post, there is far less credibility towards your good intensions.

    If I'm wrong, then sorry. If I'm right, stop posting these things, we had spam on here enough already.


  • tony btony b Posts: 57
    Benny, are you serious?

    Lighten up for heaven's sake
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Maybe a heavy reaction tony b, I know, and not my usual style,I assure you.It's just that I really hate spam, open your mail and you get ten messages of which nine are ads.

    On the other hand , that is also why I apologise in advance to RobMaraton, in case I'm wrong. If not, I think I have a good point in my previous post.

    Peacefull greets,

  • SO basically its just a power breather..... Ive been using mine for about 8 months now, i certainly have stronger lungs now (and visibly larger intercostal muscles!!). Not sure how much benefit it has, i guess enough to warrant 3 mins a day!! Also i reckon when i go high altitude climbing and skiing its going to help as well....
  • jimjim Posts: 12
    I won a power breathe iron man this year for a 2nd place at the reading rowathlon, sceptical I went ahead and tried it with in days I could tell it was going to benefit me now after regular use since September I can only praise this product, 6 mins out of your day, I use mine before I go to bed and when I get up and I feel so much more comfortable while training and racing. My times have fallen and I have just taken 90 second off my 10k time down to 38.03. My love is rowing and now I can breathe on which ever stoke I please and no longer gasp for breath when on the catch position. Just took part in half marathon row and managed a 1hr17min38sec this I am sure would not have been possible with out the power breathe. As cycling is a key part of the triathlon I can only say the same applies in the aero position breathing is so much easier this training tool is a must! go and buy one today
  • I can see where benny is coming from as it does smell a bit of spam[:-] But its great to see a bit of feedback from people who have used power breathers. I seem to remember a previous thread on the subject unable to actually get a yea or nay as to it benefit. Anybody found a vast improvement on the swim?
  • Swim wise i think it does help.....You can get a larger capacity of air in your lungs in a shorter time period, and you really notice that extra power when breathing in. I had issues swimming whilst breathuing every third stroke, now im fine with it....If this is because im now a better swimmer, better breather or fitter- who knows. But it sure feels like its doing something

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Thanks for backing me up a bit there Hound dog[;)].

    I have a device that is similar to powerbreathe, ultrabreathe or whatever brands there are more.

    It has no brand name on it, it's something I bought from a guy who works in a hospital with people who have breathing issues through injury, operation, allergies, ....

    It costed me 7€, thats about 5£. Thats a lot cheaper than all those sport brands. If you dont have one yet, I would suggest you try with someone you know who works in a hospital, even nurses or so, or just go there and ask. You got nothing to lose.

    Now I guess we really make those spammers angry; no more big money for them in these breath training devices [8D][:D][8D][:D][8D][:D][8D][:D]
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