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wiggle problem!!!

jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
just a warning cos i know how many people on here use wiggle. my bank has just called me to tell me my card was in danger of being replicated as one of the sites i used it on was a 'danger' site. i didnt believe it was my bank so i called them back using the credit card lost card line and they confirmed this. when i asked which site it was they said it was wiggle! hope it's not true and it was just a once off, but there you go[&:]


  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    always use the paypal option.. just purchased some gator tyres :-)
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    eeek! I'll bear that in mind, I hope they still don't have a record of my card! I think its time for a number change!
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    dont use Internet explorer also..

  • Hillsy555Hillsy555 Posts: 19
    I've used Wiggle loads of times and no problems so far!! Fingers crossed. If it is genuine fraud should be no problems getting the money back from the banks though.
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    think it was moe to do with the fact that they had my card details on record as i havent purchased anything from them for about 2 months now
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