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Lume and reviews

Dear all, I am in talks for the position of the Lume. Can someone please throw some light on how the company is and should I go ahead with them?


  • CamelCrewCamelCrew Posts: 29

    Hey there! Unlike traditional deodorants that only target certain areas of the body, Lume can be used anywhere you need to control odor. Its wide range of uses makes it a convenient solution for those who want to simplify their beauty routine without sacrificing effectiveness. If you need such a deodorant, you can order it on the company’s website, and if there are problems with this, then do not look for lume phone number but immediately write them a message, and they will definitely provide you with help.

  • Hello! Lume deodorant is unique because you can use it all over your body, not just in specific areas. This makes it a convenient choice for those looking for an effective and versatile deodorant. You can order it from their website, and if you encounter any issues, you don't need to search for a Lume phone number – just send them a message, and they will assist you. Thanks for sharing this versatile deodorant option!

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