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Wheels and new bits

Hi all,

As you all know i've been asking lots of questions about bikes etc. (very sorry!) as I intend to buy/build my own bike in the coming months. But with my last race of the season only 4 weeks away I've decided I will leave the bike building for a winter project and I will ride my trek in the race.

But I have been thinking I may get a few new parts as I hope it may enhance my performance a little bit, and they will eventually go on the new bike. Most importantly I want some new wheels, which will double up as training wheels for the new bike as I intend to get tubs for racing.

So my question is, does anyone have any recommendations for a good, light set of training wheels for under 200? So far I have identified the planet X B set at about 160, Mavic Ksyriums at about 200 and I have found these ones below which seem pretty barginous, although out of stock I think they are orderable!


Also I currently have shimano 8 speed, this will be compatible right? Because I know the despite there being more cogs on the 9 and 10spd they are closer together, so they all still fit on the same hub?




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    penguinpenguin Posts: 37

    Just in case you think of trying to save some money...

    The Xero XSR-4 wheels are rubbish in my opinion.


    They have way too much lateral flex i.e. the computer sensor hit when climbing and the rear wheel rubs on the brakes at the back....awful....after two rides purchased a set of Mavic aksiums.

    I know these are not what you are looking at, but it is the same company, and might be worth extra investigation as the price is perhaps low for a reason.

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I agree for Winter riding err on the side of bomb-proof. Askiums are a good choice , they may be heavier than you want but they have agreat reputation and should withstand the salt, ice, water, mud, potholes etc of a hard Winter plu you'll fly in Spring when you put on you better wheels.

    Alternativeley look at the usual websites for hub/hoop builds to suit your needs; I would go for a larger spoke count to maintain stiffness

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    GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Kore streamline get a good write up in cycling plus - £199 and semi aero?
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    I recently got a pair of Shimano R561. For £100 a pair you can't go wrong and they're light for the money.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Thanks GHarv, I had a look at the kore wheels, they look pretty good for the money, although some reviews complained of loosening spokes. I am a tad worried about this, as I have a race in a few weeks, and people have talked about a bedding in period for wheels where the spokes may go loose and the wheels may need trueing, which after my go at trueing the last set of wheels I am not overly confident I have done a great job, although they seem true-ish!

    Now, this may be a bit of a dumbass question, but i've had a look at the Askium wheelset on wiggle and they either come in ED10 for campo or M10 for shimano, does this mean they will require 10spd shimano? Or will my 8spd cassette fit on?
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