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Guys, second of the day!

I have decided I need to do something radical as my swimming is not getting any faster no matter how hard I train and for how long.

I have purchased Total Imersion and it seems to be a start from scratch thing - and with my last race next week before winter training - the timing couldn't have been better.

My question is - Have you started from scratch like I am? Do you still use the technique? Are there any hints and tips you can give me to smooth the way?


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    I did some one-to-one lessons. The system has loads of good advice, main thing was my rotation for breathing and bad kick. If you stick with the system it will change your swimming, but not before your next race. I found it made me more relaxed and efficient but not any quicker, but I haven't swum enough drills to criticise the system.

  • I meant that off season is the perfect time....if something would sort my washing machine swimming style before next weekend I'd certainly pay more than £6.99!!
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    when you say you've purchased TI....what exactly do you purchase??

    i seriously need help with my swimming......i dont really want to get that much faster (a bit maybe)...i just want it to get smooth and be a bit easier
  • Xyzee_uk wrote:
    My question is - Have you started from scratch like I am? Do you still use the technique? Are there any hints and tips you can give me to smooth the way?
    Mate, if you've got your last race next week, I wouldn't bother even opening the book/DVD just yet. Tinkering with your stroke now will only be detrimental. With TI and similar swim techniques, you will go slower before you go faster. They encourage you to sloooooow down your stroke so you can concentrate on the individual aspects of it. Once you've got the technique down, then you can start to speed up.

    It will take time. A long time. Don Fink suggests that swimming is completely different to the bike and run, in that its more like golf. All technique. Even when you think you've cracked it, you can just have a bad day where it all goes to pot. Another day it just clicks!

    Not trying to put you off, but be prepared to really have to work hard at it. Lots of drills, drills and more drills. And best advice is to get yourself some swim coaching as often as you can afford. Winter season is a great time to start down this route though. You may not be any faster for next season, but you can definitely be more efficient and use less energy!
  • Andyb99 - I bought the book - but I also belive there are coaches about.

    Flavadave - I agree - reading the theory at the moment and applying the drills after the race. I really like the idea of making my stroke as efficient as possible, just what I need. Great reply - Thanks!
  • I tried this a couple of years ago. I bought the book and worked my way through it. My swim time improved to about 2min per 100M. My stroke count came down from 30+ to 17- for a 25M length but probably the most noticeable thing was that I wasn't knackered when I got out of the pool.

    That said:
    Flavadave is right. This is not a quick fix. Finish this season first.
    You do need to be diligent about doing the drills and working up to the full stroke. Expect a fair few sessions without swimming at the start. The whole philosophy kind of needs you to focus on the drills, not least to ensure that you are not fighting the water.

    You are likely to need a coach at some point as well.
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