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wet suit hire

NMJNMJ Posts: 5

Does anyone know of somewhere I can hire a wet suit from that will allow me to use it in September?

All the ones I've found so far say it must be back by the beginning of September and I fancy doing the Sandman in Anglesey mid Sept and then the Gower Tri at the beginning of Oct.

I know some might say to just buy but cash and the fact I seem to live miles from any decent shops (north Wales) preclude this idea.

Ideas anyone?


  • banksy21banksy21 Posts: 1
    I just got one from triuk.com - the hire is from now until 30th September. Pretty good price too. I've attached the libnk below:

  • NMJNMJ Posts: 5
    Cheers for that.

    I've just booked a holiday in France so I'm planning a route that will be via a couple of tri stores so I can try some on but at that price I think if it fits it's a bargain until I can affore to buy.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    rather bziaarely the triuk rental deal effectively means you can buy the same suit at about 2/3rds of the retail price if you rent it paying the deposit then just call them and say you'll keep it (so they keep the deposit).

  • NMJNMJ Posts: 5
    Yeh I noticed that but everywhere I read that fit is vital so I'm going to have try before I buy (hire).

    By a stroke of luck last week I discovered Surf Lines in Llanberis (foot of Snowden & local to me) sell Orca wetsuits so I can sort my size out properly.

    They also do open water sessions for a £5 including wetsuit hire plus bike & run classes. Also doing a general fitness boot camp.

    Did my first OW swim yesterday and it was awesome! Good friendly bunch and a couple of other newbies like me. Highly recommend if you're in the area.

    Cheers for all the advice
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