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conehead - 220 coach of the year 2009?

could we make it happen? the power of the internet!

What does everyone think?

Or does conehead not need such shiny trinkets on his secret triathlon volcano island??[:D][:D]


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    No, but he'd like a sleek looking cat that sits on his lap while he talks menacingly at you...........
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    we'll see conehead, we'll see.....[:D]
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I am in for the vote!

    With his comitment to help and train cripplekid! He has given so much to us all with his book! Also look at some of the advice he has given through the PM side of this to Scott and Gary. (sounds like I am his agent here)

    Also who let the his secret island out of the bag! Looks like its back to his underground bunker!
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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Damn you Conehead.. I've got that image of the pink lycra fairy now...... Out foul demons....!!!!
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    Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    Woo Hoo!

    Brilliant stuff-will be there so will look out for them in their forum buddies tee-shirt......
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    willieverfinishwillieverfinish Posts: 1,381
    I say yes to Coach of the year.

    ( this is cripplekid BTW - changed my username to a more suitable one) :)

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    JuniacroodeJuniacroode Posts: 51
    Yes yes yes coach of the year!!!
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