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Foot help needed please!

For just under a week the arch of my left foot has been pretty sore. The best way to describe it is badly bruised although its not actually bruised. I do have support in my shoes which are not new or are not used enough to be changed.
Im reluctant to continue running as I dont know what it is or why its happened.
The GP did not know but said to take anti inflamatries & see a physio, of which an appointment has been made for saturday.
Anyone had this pain in same area of foot?
I have a tri in a week....


  • I'd guess you have a dropped/collapsed arch

    It'll take a few weeks but rest rest rest

    Not what you want to hear - sorry dude :roll:
  • Sounds like you could do with a proper gait assessment from someone who can recommend the correct footwear and any necessary insoles to help with the pain.

    Also I've found the brand to help, i used to suffer similar pain when i had New Balance but since switching to Adidas nothing but comfort
  • Thanks for replies. I go to Run Swindon & have gait analysis so I know my trainers are OK and they arnt due for renewal.
    Seen a physio. She said Im extremely inflexable, one leg is longer than the other which affects everything..pevis, lower back etc! She said its Plantar Fashicitus (no idea how to spell it). Just to do steady runs on grass & will have it strapped up for sundays tri.....
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Aha - this will start a debate on barefoot running

    Hope the foot gets better and all goes well for the event on the 8th
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