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Carbon chainset choice

Hello all,

Well the bike building has begun. Managed to find myself a Cervelo P2C for 900 in pedal power in loughborough, and Glenn the owner will build up my bike for me free of charge, with me sourcing all the other parts. Which is great news for me as I have been searching for the past month on every site I can find to get all the parts I want. But I am a little stuck on my last choice of part, the chainset. So I wondered if all of you wonderful people could give some opinions.

Right, shopping around I have found some great deals on carbon chainsets, the choices are -

Campo chorus carbon from LBS for £150 ( on sale from about 250 i think)

FSA carbon for £99 from slanecycles


Bontrager xlite £119 from evans


Sram force for 159.99 from evans


The only think I can think of that may sway me is the campo and bontrager are only in 170, and as I have long legs I fancied a 172.5 or 175. Also the campo is the lightest of the bunch.


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think you should go for the 172.5 whatever model.

    Also I really think that the chainset is the one component you should not be reaching into the bargain bucket for. It is the component that transfers YOUR hard earned power to make the bike move. I really would urge you to go and buy the one you want rather than let a small saving dictate your kit.

    You are looking for a comination of stiffness, reliability and lightness. The ulitamate carbon chainset is the Clavicula but it is too expensive for the slight increase inperformance - I have one one on what is now my second bike because I thought it not worth transferring to my new first bike. This is also probably true for the Zipp chainset. I chose the Campagnolo Recordfor my TT/tri bike and was so impressed with it that I put one on my new best bike.

    All the new (BB C/set one piece) chainset in the Campagnolo range are just as good if a little heavier - why pick one that suits your budget and do yourself and the new Cervelo justice and get exactly what you want?

  • Thanks for the advice treefrog, I see your point on this being a crucial part entirely. I have therefore decided to get the Campo record 172.5 chainset from my LBS!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Excellent decision and good choice. You won't regret it
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