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Sport England Survey boll*cks

I keep getting them for rowing, despite the fact that I don't actually row any more, so just ignore as they want to make be "an even better rower"...


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Didn't get the survey myself, like most others, I assume. You move in higher circles than most of us, conehead, though I'm sure you will concede that it could well be because you are full of more hot air...? [:D]

    Anyway, if you get another one sent to you maybe you could post it. I'm sure the forum can come up with some useful and helpful suggestions for the answers.

    Go on... it would be a bloody good giggle.
  • a couple of weeks ago I had a phone call from MORI apparently on behalf of sports England.. it took a good 20 mins to answer all the questions.. can't help but feel that with all the different sorts of training and time spent exercising I'm going to skew the results...
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