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Due to unfortunate circumstances, need help fast!

Ok, after working hard through my base and prep periods in the off season I have run into a few problems recently which have caused a severe dent in my training. Namely a set of exams and a research paper, following that I have spent the past few weeks in bed due to a severe case of tonsillitis/pharyngitis and I'm having to have ent surgery on fri to remove the tonsils! ahh!

so enough with the moaning, either way, i intend to start training on monday, which gives me 4 weeks and 1 taper week till my 1st comp of the season. I have never been in this situation before as i have always had training plans lasting 12 weeks or more before the 1st comp.

so, i need some help, in terms of the training that will provide the best results over 4 weeks, without venturing into overtraining territory. I have 3 sessions a day available all 1 hour long, and im looking mostly at concentrating on the bike leg, as im not a bad swimmer and can pick up my running fitness in a short time as I dont tend to loose it being a runner by trade. So any ideas on training I should be doing?

thanks for all your help.



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    TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    Need more info TommyT:

    How much have your fitness levels been impacted by your "down-time"?

    What distance is the event?

    Is the event a major or minor one? (remember you can only properly peak once or twice a year)

    If you've lost enough that you can't manage the distance then that's got to be your focus. If it's minor event go with your longer term plan towards your major events, and just do a mini taper so you are fit to compete. If it's a major event go with a build phase, with taper.

    All the above assume you know how to and have a plan (from your post it sounds like you usually do).
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    Hey Tommi,

    I was very surprised when my girlfriend told me it was going to take 2 weeks to recover from having her tonsils out. I thought it was, in and out on the day, followed by lots of ice cream.

    I believe this is of course to let the body heal, but specifically to allow the the wound to knit well. So, any training, which is likely to raise your heart rate, blood pressure etc might not be such a good idea.

    you'll have a lot of experienced people here suggesting cramming techniques, but I would follow the doctor's orders.

    I also learnt that days 6-8 are usually most painful. odd I know, but believe its a rule of thumb.

    Best of luck with the Op and the training!

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