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I still need your triathlon stories

Hay Conehead

Just sent you the one about me and the OAP swimming club!

It made some newbies laugh on the Newbies what traing thread a few weeks ago.


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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    No stories yet but I will seriously try my best to make a complete idiot of myself in my first year of triathlons and email you immediately.

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    I did my first Triathlon along side my brother in Woodhall last year. As it was our first time we were there really early to watch how it all worked and to get a feel for the event.

    When we were watching the swimming (it was in a pool) I said to my brother that I could not understand why this one guy was splashing and banging into the ropes so much as a passing comment. About 5 minutes later the guy jumps out of the pool and he only had one arm……! My brother has never let me forget it….!

    I felt so ashamed, but at the same time it is quite a funny story. If the guy in question is reading I hope he sees the funny side, I also hope that one day my brother will let it go.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Has anybody sent in the story about how some pratt kept pestering them on some on-line forum for ideas on how to write his next book? [:D]
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    maybee you could get some dissertation help from susanbell84 she sounds like a right scream..

    dont worry im sure we'll all get into some funny business this season

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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595

    Here's one - I've just learned I've won entry to the Lisbon triathlon, I've never done a long distance before and it's in six weeks....

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    Xyzee_ukXyzee_uk Posts: 100
    The funny thing is.....I've not done one yet! Come on 7th June Rother Valley
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