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Triathlon Training camps


I was thinking it was about time I started investing a bit more in the training side of the sport for once!

I fancy going on a training camp, preferably somewhere hot. I have a few weeks off work in the start of september, so I would quite fancy going on one then. I know it seems a bit funny as I think most people would probably go at the start of the season, but I would quite like to learn some new skills, and see where i'm going wrong before going into preparation phase in winter.

So does anyone know of any decent (not too expensive) training camps in september?

Failing that, my next window of opportunity would be next march, any decent ones then?


  • honchohoncho Posts: 23
    check club la santa lanzarote might be expensive if you go on your own though.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yeh, i found that one, the novice training camp, sounded perfect. But staying in the place would be about 500 for the week on my own! and I dont know any other triathletes who would want to come! Although i could persuade some people to come and they can do something else!
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