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WAT avoided!

Hi Coney,

how did you find the guys at Bridgetown Cycles? I went in for a new helmet a couple of weeks back, first visit so didn't expect much but found the guys really helpful......



  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    Well done! Any advice for incorporating a shiny new white selle saddle into the house without undue questioning? If its already on the bike and there isn't any packaging around, could it slip under the GAT radar?
  • Thank god I am single as otherwise I don't think I would have got away with the upgrades over the last 18 months!

    3 x Titanium frames (winter, road and Tri bikes), 1 x set of ZIPP 404's, 1 x set of Reynolds Solitudes and as for components well the list goes on.

    That reminds me I must sell some of the old kit [:D]
  • ahhhh [:)] There are days when I revel in singledom. no more BAT for me (I've just realised since he was technically my fiance does that mean I should actually be using the term FAT??). Haha, that's the quickest FAT I've ever gotten rid of, and no work outs needed [:D].

    Anyway it's mint being single when making new purchases!! Even if it is just a turbo training dvd which I am yet to unwrap... xx
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    Conehead wrote:

    hide in plain sight on the bike my friend.

    If the GAT officer notices, nonchalantly claim to have swapped your 'old' one with a mate at work and a £10, as he was given it and didn't want it.

    Worked a treat! This is gold, pure gold you write. I think for more significant things like a new frame though, you've got to be up front. I put in some pre-emptive GAT with an extensive shopping trip yesterday afternoon which made my 120 saddle look like childs play... I just need to decide between the P3C and a E112/114
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