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Novice wave at events, only if you want to....

Being a novice I reckon this is a good idea. Too late for me though I fear, sprints in Eton and Windsor will introduce me rough style which I kinda like and kinda fear at the same time.

If a novice wave had been an option though (or is likely too, not sure where you were planning them), I'd swallow my pride and go for it. Reckon it would be a good atmosphere everyone being in the same boat so to speak.

But how could you guarantee that a few experts wouldn't sneak in to get an easy start? Oh god... it's the reverse of the 'elitist' argument! [:@]


  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102

    I think that would be a fantastic idea and as a novice I would certainly sign-up for any event which offered this. Thank you for the effort you and the organisers must have already gone to in thinking this through.

  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    makes total sense to me
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Conehead - godd work.

    This could almost become a novice series.
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    You could just remove any medals and prizes. Then everyone is competing for the satisfaction of competing their first(ish) triathlon under no pressure and having fun!
  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270

    Is this in addition to the event we were chatting about?
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    This sounds great. Having signed up for an open water swim for my first ever at a big event it is a bit daunting although I'm hoping sea swims with triathlon club might help prepare me a bit! And I'm more worried about getting in peoples way or slowing other competitors down than about other aspects so a more relaxed / spread out novice wave is a great idea.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Good idea, nice one Conehead. How about having a 'No Running' rule in transition for the novice wave? Gives everybody a chance to calm down a bit in what might be their first ever transitions and would ensure that some sub-2hr idiot doesn't join in the novice wave just to show how many people he can overtake.

  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    A novice event at sprint and Olympic distances would fill a gap for sure. I snubbed the 'novice' events last year simply because they were way too short and would never have challenged me. The sprint distance seemed about right for a beginner and I was up for the Olympic distance after my first sprint (never did it though as health issues robbed me of training and confidence).

    If you are organising novice events at sprint and Olympic distance, then you have all my admiration and support for taking the initative.

  • TeapotTeapot Posts: 7
    A novice wave at a longer distance would be excellent
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    A womans prerogative....
  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292

    There's a big difference between obligating (even if only by implication) beginners to take part in a novice-only event and providing the option of a novice wave in sprint and Oly distance events.

    Since you made it clear that this is what you meant - then, yes - I think it would work. Personally I wouldn't have gone for it myself, as what I've always wanted in triathlon was to muck in with everyone and see how I do.

    Novice-only events where beginners feel obligated to take part and that make them feel unwelcome in the other races = no.

    Novice waves in the standard races for those not yet confident = go for it.


  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    I'm with blurredgirl - there's a big difference between a voluntary novice wave and novice only events.

    Would you need to be careful with your description too? Isn't "novice" defined as someone in their first season of competing in triathlons? There would be lots of people not in their first season who have not done an open water race and might want to give your wave a go (me for example).
  • BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292

    I'm just very opinionated.

    As long as your proposal doesn't alienate those people who are new to triathlon, but have plenty of determination and want to compete in and enjoy a 'proper' race, then I genuinely support you.

    Anyone willing to put the time and energy into improving the sport for everyone gets my vote and you have all my admiration. I'm all mouth and cycling shorts - you however are doing the graft. Has to be a good thing.


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    This looks to be taking shape nicely now!

    conehead - We maybe a tough lot to please but it will be worth it in the end. I personally cant wait for a novice wave open water event. Bring it on!!!

    With the amonut of newbies on here maybe a test run/practice novice wave invite from the forum faithfull. only to see how it goes? You know by now that we would all feedback honestly.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Conehead wrote:

    I say 'novice' wave as its a lot easier to say and put on a race schedule than...

    'novice-or-anyone-who-feels-that-they-aren't-that-confident-and-wants-extra-help-at-the-race-and-during-the-race-but-you'-don't-have-to-go-in-it-if-you-don't-want' wave

    Although that would be made clear in the race info, and I'll be at the events doing the extra briefing, tips and generally being your 'go to' guy in transition helping you out. Which may in fact turn everyone away.....

    You're a tough crowd you lot!

    We are, and while we're on it you spelt "pedal" wrong in the book too [;)] [:D]

    Just kidding, I see your point about the terminology!

    I'm doing the Deva Tri in Chester on 21st June (yes I have read what you say in the book about it) so maybe your races might come too late for me? I will be getting in as much open water practice as I can as soon as the tri club starts it again (April) but I guess nothing can properly prepare you for the real thing, so your idea is a very good one.

  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    Mallory Park triathlon on the 4th may has a Novice event - slightly shorter than sprint that runs alongside the sprint event. just thought I'd mention it.
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