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does triathlon 'cater' for women?

JulesJules Posts: 987
Shameless plug time - my club, Chester Tri Club runs a women only sprint race (http://chestertri.org.uk/main/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=70 - entries still available!) and a women only "intro to tri" free seminar plus women only training days so we definately do "our bit".

From casual observation if I'm looking for "stuff" on t'interweb I see lots of women's running kit, trisuits, wetsuits etc apparently available at similar prices. It's only bikes where there seem to me to be less specific stuff at greater expense then the men's versions. Obviously I'm not looking for women's stuff so I'm happy to be corrected on this.


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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292

    I don't really like 'women only' events as I am at heart a staunch believer in equality and non-segregation. I won't take part in events that are divided up like that and really like my local sprint distance triathlon because it doesn't even disseminate between men's and women's start waves.

    In terms of kit - it's seriously unbalanced. Where men have a choice of eg 10 trisuits, women will be offered 3, same goes for wetsuits, bikes, cycling shorts, tights, jerseys, running tights/shorts etc. At the TCR show I was looking in the bargain bins for running tights - plenty available, all for men, none for women. Very technical clothing like bib-shorts, bib-tights or full-zip jerseys are virtually unavailable for women. About the only area I've seen some equality is in swimming costumes.

    There's a massive gap in the market for tri-specific technical kit for women.


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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    Blurredgirl, I don't liked segregated events either. I don't see why the beginners race and supporting events can't be for men as well. However I only joined the club in January and I didn't want to join and immediately start being critical of how things are run. Cowardly of me I know. I do intend to mention it at some point!
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    I don't really like 'women only' events as I am at heart a staunch believer in equality and non-segregation.

    Nothing annoys me more than "Women Only" at the swimming pool!

    Segregation is just so annoying, and the womans 10k, and one time i remember a womens march protest somesuch thing (off topic a bit, but it really annoys me, its a real your "you opinion doesnt matter" statement is this segregation!!).

    Women only events annoy me too. But them im a man, does my opinion matter [:@].

    I agree with the kit choice at least, there isnt a lot of womens kit - when i went to get my bike i actually noticed the womens section was a pokey corner up the back somewhere. The problem is i guess the market isnt as big for it (whats the company meant to do, make stuff that wont sell?). Get more women into triathlon instead of jeremy kyle [:D], that way we can hit two birds with the one stone.

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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    I have to say, in terms of the bike and kit choice then i agree with this thread, but the sport in general is doing quite a bit to get females involved!

    Women only events are springing up and as already pointed out there are women only swim sessions and my gym has women only Wednesdays. I find this scandelous, why is there segregation? Im slow as anything but i dont expect females to be banned from witnessing my embarrasing attempts, theres even a section in coneheads book about the swim nemesis! a slightly older female who whips you in the pool!

    the people manufacturing the equipment are putting females at a disadvantage but then the same could be said for tall people! ever tried buying a 62cm frame in a sale?
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    And streamers!
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    ScibbyScibby Posts: 55
    Tricky one this one. Agree with previous posters that I don't personally feel the need for WO events. But their existence doesn't really bother me... However, I know a couple of ladies who have signed up for a WO event but would not do the mixed one. The thinking is simply that they feel less intimidated, that it'll be more relaxed, less testosterone, etc. So if WO events mean that more women try tri, then (arguably!!!) this is a good thing...

    Having said that I don't think I'd want to do a WO event.

    Re kit, again agree with other posters: women are ill-catered for... Women specific stuff is either lower spec or in horrible pastel colours. Just because I'm a girl I want my bike in lilac with flowers on it, right? Having said that, it's exactly the same with running gear (i had to pick a pink pair of trainers, ugh), climbing equipment (my women-specific harness is lilac), etc... Where possible I'd go for unisex stuff even if women specific stuff is available. For some things, it's just not possible..

    So conehead is that a yes or a no that I should vote?

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    I think it does that said its still mainly men doing tri.At least in any event i have taken part in at a recent duathlon entery of 100 there where bout 15 women!

    As i have big feet i have always worn mens runners-doesn't bother me pink runners would only clash with my red suit!

    I have a wetsuit that fits me perfect don't think it a womens specific.

    I like the no nudity rule wich includes men taking off their shirt in transition-thats fair as women def aren't allowed to take off their top[:D]

    In my local tri there is always a woman who comes out of the water first!

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    Cheryl6162Cheryl6162 Posts: 356
    There are lots of tri suits etc that cater for women but when you try to buy them, they're all miniature sizes designed only for Barbie dolls (the toys, not Pamela Anderson!!). I think it is a great unisex sport but there is a serious lack of apparel, bikes etc for women at the moment. A situation which can only improve......
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    I think a slightly overweight scottish guy who mainly did judo and freestyle wrestling before doing a triathlon was a bit intimidated too, but there wasnt a slightly overweight scottish guy only event so i just had to suck it up and do what everyone else does [:D]
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