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Time for GPS upgrade?

I have been one of the biggest supporters of the nike plus system, due to the fact that 1. I own a Nano, 2. I always listen to music whilst running, 3. I have found it to be very accurate as my running style appears to be very consistant.

But on going out for a run last night my nike plus sensor would not work :( I put this down to a dead battery as I have owned it for about a year and a half, and i always forget to switch the thing off!

So now I am thinking should I upgrade? Bear in mind a new nike plus sensor (which you have to purchase as the battery cannot be replaced) costs £20, compared to a garmin which will cost over 100. But as I dont own a HRM I quite fancied one of those.

What do people think? is it work the extra dosh for a really good GPS, and is there a good one with a HRM, is the polar system any good? Cant say I like the look of the polar foot pods, they look huge compared to my little nike plus!


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    In the back page of myfreesport this week was polars new offering which is now using GPS (apparently) - the models is the RS800 G3. I've used Polar HRM's for years, I'm not sure how useful they are from a training perspective as I Obsesse (quite a lot) that I'm not pushing myself hard enough - there quite handy for telling you to push a bit harder...

    Other makes to have a look at are Sunto and obviously the Garmin as mentioned.

    The only problem I've had with mine (as it's quite old) is that when wearing for the swim, it's not picked up the bike sensor when in range. This could be a battery issue a user issue or an issue with the model that I have.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    hey, I had a look at the rs800 G3 looks awesome, but I'm not sure I'm ready to spend £400 on a HRM system quite yet!

    I think I may just get another one of my nike plus thingys and an rs200 HRM
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    toadtoad Posts: 104
    if you want to map your runs the website www.mapmyrun.co.uk is worthwhile kind of does what your GPS would do, however it sounds like your nano gives you an accurate reading of the distance your doing due to your consistent running style.... maybe worth a look though its quite fun and easy to use.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Thanks mate, I go on a similar site http://www.realbuzz.com/flmroutes/map.php you can map your routes and save them, so you will always have them plus look at other peoples routes in the same area.

    I liked the nike plus cos I run the same routes over and over again, trying to glean a few seconds off each time, so it provided me with a log of how ive done, it also told me how fast I was going at various points, so I could correlate that with a decrease in speed going uphill etc, and see where I was loosing speed.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Well - Hats of to Nokia for their new GPS maping system on their mobiles - looked at a demo at windsor at the weekend.

    It means we can all have a gps maping system, accurate speed sensor, altitude readouts and play music - all for free when we next upgrade our phone.

    All nokia need now is a bluetooth HR sensor and they will dominate!

    I bet Garmin/polar are gonna feel a significant pinch as their products are now redundant.
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