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Possably the biggest rookie error ever!!

Just got home from my first triathlon, was the Tadcaster Cyclesence Sprint(500m,14k,7k) n did it in 1:43:46 thanks for asking .

But in my excited / nervous state in the morning I forgot ALL my bottles I had made the night before and put in the fridge to chill. I ended up buying one from the pool and filling it with lucozade out of a machine.

If anyone else had make a bigger rookie error please let me know to make me feel better


  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Well done on the race,Tadcaster is a good course.

    Mistakes are not left to the first timers,

    a well known pro(American),after a disasterous race drove home afterwards,and opened the garage door and drove in,
    if only he had taken his bikes off his roof first,

    at least forgetting your drinks still meant you can race,
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    My first race, I meandered into transition, took my wetsuit down to my waist and watched my mate come into transition; started chatting to him about the swim while sorting my clothes out and sat on the floor to take my wetsuit off, looked up and he was gone! thought i'd better get a move on so carefully dried my feet to put my trainers on...

    Might as well of made a cup of tea as well while I was at it!

    We all make mistakes, it's what you learn from it for the next race that counts.

    Have fun on your next race - your hooked now!
  • vybermanvyberman Posts: 28
    Yeah I'll go one better than that In my first "real" tri yesterday.

    Used a digital lap counter that I wear on my finger in the pool to count bike laps.
    During the run I scrolled through the splits, saw one for 8 seconds, realised that I had hit the button by mistake which meant I missed a bike lap!

    I finished the run, but it wasn't easy because I knew it meant a dq so I was kicking myself in the ass all the way round!
    When checked the results to confirm it there were loads of people who suggested elastic bands, stickers, even jelly babies that you eat after each lap. All good ideas!

    To be honest though, it didn't really spoil my enjoyment of it. I tried my hardest all the way, and that's all that counts. And I learned something from it all
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    how about forgetting your run trainers on your first tri and remembering mid swim. Then had to stop swimming, tell a marshall so that they could get my other trainers from my wife.....
  • christian88christian88 Posts: 25
    Cheers guys, feel much better now.

    Jus glad it wasn't anything more serious or crucial.

    The experience was priceless though and learnt so much in such a short time
  • vybermanvyberman Posts: 28
    shadowone1 wrote:
    how about forgetting your run trainers on your first tri and remembering mid swim. Then had to stop swimming, tell a marshall so that they could get my other trainers from my wife.....

    That's priceless...you win!
  • grandyvillegrandyville Posts: 30
    haha sorry to laugh but the trainers mid swim was brilliant!

    My first tri I ran into T2 and unbuckled by helmet strap as running to rack my bike as I was so conscious of doing it all as fast as possible. I knew I wasnt supposed to touch my helmet but just did it without thinking.
    A marshall shouted 'you stop' 'YOU STOP' to which I looked over my shoulder thinking who is he talking to. He actually got in front of me and told me to stop and do up my helmet, I then fumbled with the buckle, dropped my bike and scratched my leg (with the bike falling). So all in all me trying to be quicker, and forgetting the rules made my transition about 3 minutes longer - D'oh!

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i had the race marshall remind me to take my helmet off as i was making out to run out of transition at north norfolk tri last year. he was very kind about it - said he didn't mind if i wanted to keep it with me, but i wouldn't be allowed to drop it on route so maybe i'd prefer to leave it here.

    it was about 90secs after i'd nearly stacked it coming up to the dismount line, so i had my mind elsewhere!
  • fenixfenix Posts: 3
    A missing water bottle is no biggie.

    My mate turned up to his Ironman race in Germany last year and the referee wouldnt let him get onto the beach. The water was too warm for wetsuits, and his 2XU trisuit said something about 'silicon coated' on it - in lettering about 4mm high. An illegal suit (?) so that was going to be the end of his day.

    He didnt have any spare kit with him, and all the kit bags were out of transition anyway.

    Luckily I had an extra pair of shorts over my trisuit - so I could lend him those. Messed me up a bit cos I had to get them off him after the swim, wash all the sand out that hed gotten into them and pull them on.

    Check your trisuits if they ban wetsuits !
  • triman36triman36 Posts: 2
    I did the Bath triathlon a few years ago & travelling to the event took longer than I expected so we arrived 10 min before the race start, so quickly racked my bike & gear in transition before dashing off to the pool.

    Some time into the swim I had a thought that I didn’t put my water bottle on my bike, luckily enough I was in the end lane next to the spectators gallery, so I managed to quickly stop & ask my wife to get it out of the car & pass it to me when I was running into transition… lol… Ooops

    Let’s just say I’m more meticulous about setting up my transition area now
  • GarradGarrad Posts: 1
    Last year was my first tri, and I had bought a new tri-suit for the event. I was a littlie disappointed as it was too tight for me, but at £100 I was going to wear it! When I put it on for my 2nd tri that year, I realised why it was too tight – I had worn it back to front! Doh!!!
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    This reminded me of the first time I went to put my wet-suit on in my first OW.... put it on an realised something was right - the zipp was at the front....

    I wondered why people were looking at me... queue massive effort to get it off and back on the right way.... tit...
  • triman36triman36 Posts: 2
    Over the time that I have been doing triathlons, I have seen quite a few people walking into the water with there wetsuits on inside out... lol
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Well, there was the occasion when I clipped my right cycle shoe to my left pedal, and vice versa, only realising after I had left T1 and mounted...
  • gasgasgasgas Posts: 21
    I did my first tri a couple of weeks ago and decided to wear a 3/4 zip cycling jersey for the bike and run leg as it had a pocket for my inhaler, what could possibly go wrong?!

    well... with the number pinned on too tight and having wet skin i must have looked like David Copperfield trying to escape from a straight jacket trying to wrestle it over my shoulders plus the number ripped off and i ended up wasting 3 minutes trying to pin it back on!

    lesson learnt!
  • M47hewM47hew Posts: 18
    Well done mate. I forgot to put my number on in T1 and had to go back for it after just over a 1/4mile or so on the bike. So at least your error didn't cost you any time.

    How was the course I am looking to do another couple this year, I have a 145 mile bike ride in a couple of weeks so after that looking to enter some more? I guess you will be doing some more too?
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