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Cramp help


I don't suffer with cramp often, i think the last time I did it was about 5 years ago maybe? in a football match.

I was just on a quick bike session and was turning right, had to wait for some traffic, so put my foot down, but i had to stretch....ARGH!!!! calf cramp. Which completely supports the stretch receptor theory, in which i believe.

Anyway, now my calf hurts like hell, I have my heaviest session of the week at the running club tomorrow, who find it highly amusing that i call my self a 'triathlete' who is supposed to have superior fitness, and then they kill me over 20k!

Back, to my point, i don't want to be in any pain for tomorrow, does anyone have post cramp routine to stop any lingering pain?

Thanks, Tommi T


  • hi tommi,

    this is probally comin a bit late.i suffer from quite a bit of cramp myself and find that a bit of gentle stretching and some self massage with arnica oil normally does the job also make sure u've got good electrolyte balance and are getting enough magnesium.
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