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Heron Lake and Liquid Leisure OW swimming

Just been checking up on opening times for both Liquid Leisure and Heron Lake this week, so thought I'd share it with you.

On the LL website it says from tomorrow it's a 7am start. Spoken to Martyn at SBR about Heron Lake and he says that it'll be 6.30 this Wednesday. There will be a website update.

It's been my first season of OW swimming. How I'm going to miss my alarm going off at 5.15 [;)]


  • Do you know when they close for the winter. I have switched to doing a couple of half marathons now, so havent been down for a few weeks.

    Might get one last one in before XTT on the 27th

  • Hi Paul,

    Think it may be this weekend but don't quote me on it.
  • I was at Liquid Leisure with OWs at the weekend and they said they'd be open for 2 more weeks between 7-9am.

    Which should make their last day Sunday 21st.
  • Cool, thanks for that. Hope to make it down at least once more then
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