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JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
Good luck to all doing Windsor. I'm hoping to get down to watch some of it.


  • I'll be the knackered looking one, being overtaken by the 78 yr old charity runner. But at least my bike is red, so I'll look fast even if I'm not....

    I'm off at 0750. Rather glad I didn't draw the 6am start.

  • alexhalexh Posts: 2
    How was it then everyone? It was my first Windsor and I loved it. I guess the running course lets it down a bit - although the hill sorts the men from the boys.

    I went off at 7:30 - I think the Thames swim is great - turning around that bouy was a lot harder than it looked. I'm glad the swans decided not to pick on me - they had a go at one swimmer I saw.

    London next - people say that the London is easier. I got 2:37:55 on Sunday - any idea what I should be expecting in the London tri?

  • paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    as I put in other post, swim was a b!tch!!, mainly down to the current and me not swimming in anything remotely like a straight line :(

    never mind, 2.32 was better than I hoped for.

    I reckon that 5 mins off that at london is feasible. The run is flatter and less cluttered with pedestrians etc(and slightly short of 10 I think) and although the bike is similar in length (41 and bit k) its pretty flat and fast, as long as the wind doesnt hit u hard in one direction!
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