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Shaving body hair question

Does shaving off body hair really shave time off in a race?

... I'm only asking this as I'm off on my stag do this weekend and I'm trying to think of a positive spin on things[:)]


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Sounds like it could be the least of your worries....
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Supposed too, although I think it just makes you feel better. When I did it in my younger years, I felt quicker although times were the same.

    . I would be worried about the one eye brow.
  • I am considering shaving for race this weekend which I am doing with some mates but fear there may be some piss-taking if I shave and don't beat them all by a considerable margin.
  • IanfIanf Posts: 23
    Lance Armstrong says that he did it incase he fell off his bike cos grazes = scabs which the hair then keeps breaking open, which is bloody painful! Ofcourse, tri's tend to be over one day...

  • yes but where will it stop, your chest hair, your arse, your b*llocks.....next you will be hanging round Hampstead Heath !!....only joking sorry, I think the bike ride I just finished has sent me a bit dilerious....
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    there was a post the other day about a lad falling off his bike, the concensus there was that those who shaved had less problems with scabs. and of course it's better not to fall off.

    I sure bofo will pick up on this post soon though and he appears to be the worlds leading advocate for going hair free. i think his moto is be bald be proud. no offence bofo, your posts make me giggle.

  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Following the thread about it being natural to put your hands out when you fall, I sincerely hope that I don't need to shave my b**lo**s, as I won't be getting them scabbed up by putting them out to stop me falling! Sounds like the character from Viz..
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    What's that? Shaving, you say? Here we go again. This topic rears it's smooth and shiny head (and legs, arms, chest etc) once more.

    All I can say is that my legs are most definitely with hair at the moment. No wonder I'm so damned slow.

    Just to answer the question sensibly (if I may...), Lance's reasoning is the only one that makes sense to me. Gravel rash is not so itchy & sore on a hair free leg.

    One of my swimming coaches reckons that the more hirsute gentleman can find an extra 1-3s per 100m by removing his chest rug, but you'd have to be racing (and not wearing a tri suit or gimp suit) to sacrifice your diginity for that kind of advantage.

    ...and never mind shaving... give it another few minutes and one of those waxing perverts will turn up.
  • learnerlearner Posts: 100
    bopo, what have you got against waxing??? it's supposed to be more painful, and as the usmc say pain is weakness leaving the body.

    still being too shy to shave/wax/sugar or use any other form of de-furring i am only interested you understand.

  • bigAL99bigAL99 Posts: 13
    I use veet on my legs and after my crash on Wednesday can definately agree with mr Armstrong the road rash is nowhere near as ichy as it was the last time I crashed with hair [:)]
  • hillclimb1hillclimb1 Posts: 16
    it's not just for the purpose of cleaning cuts and going faster. Pro cyclists do it mainly because it makes their legs easier to massage at the end of each day.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I really do want to wax my legs, but my love of wearing shorts to work, and many male co-workers make it social suicide! However I am tempted to pretend its for charity, that should retrieve some of my dignity!

  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    I think most of you know my thoughts on waxing but for the uninitiated, here we go again...!!

    Shaving should be reserved for time triallists and students [;)]

    Real men (and women obviously!) wax, its the only way to do it.

    WHy do we do it? Because we can!

    Incidentally, I'm 'avec hair' today but have a waxing session booked with the beautiful Emily next week.

    And waxing isnt sore - the last 5 miles of IM is sore!
  • dttridttri Posts: 11
    Just to add my two'penneth of science. I did read somewhere (and I'm pretty certain it wasn't on this forum otherwise I wouldn't repeat it) that not only does the smooth look help after the crash (when not if) but also during. The hairs can 'stick' to the road surface and pull more skin off than otherwise, the analogy used was of Velcro and the sticking follicles that contains, which made the eyes water a bit. As opposed to the (relatively) smooth skin sliding across. Now it obviously won't remove the impact pain but if it cuts down some of the friction injury I'm all for it.....Now all I need is to go fast enough for falling off to be a remote possibility and I might just do it.
  • SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Not forgetting the 2 main advantages of course:

    1) our toned and sculpted legs look great with no hair, and

    2) it differentiates us from the civilian hoards.

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