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Should I or shouldn't I?

Ok so heres the pickle I'm in.

I really want a Cannondale slice 105, I have tested one and I love it. But I'm not sure whether to buy it now or not.

I have my 1st tri of the season in a week, I have been umming and arrring (I dont know how you spell these sounds!) about whether to get the bike for the past month or so, with the intention of using it in this race. I decided against it, partially due to a little bit of uncertainty about finances.

This is one of only 2 tris I am doing this season, one a week tomorrow, and one in mid september! this is due to me not being sure whether I will be around for the bulk of the summer as my work wants to send me to China!

Ok, so this is the real question, is it likely to come down in price at the end of the season? as I am only doing these 2 tris, one of which is too close to get the bike for anyway is it worth getting it now?

Also I read in 220 that the safety laws are changing at the start of 2008, which means bikes which dont conform to them will likely be sold off cheap at the end of the year as the retailers wont be able to sell them come january.

If it is not going to come down in price I would rather get it now, whilst I have the spare money, and also I am starting to out grow the performance of my trusty trek, and think I could go quite a bit faster on a pimped out tri steed.


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    ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    First thing Monday go and stick the money in a separate account and forget about it! That takes away the problem of not having the spare money at the right time later.

    If a week is not going to make a huge difference then don't do anything until after you have done your first tri. You may be one of the few that come away thinking never again and meaning it. That way you won't need a new bike so the problem is solved.

    Assuming that you complete your first tri and love it, a fairly normal reaction, then you will need to decide what you are likely to do in the future. You don't say whether the ones you have booked are sprints or ironmans or something in between. If you are happy with what distance you are likely to be doing and that the bike is suitable for that distance and if the bike is the appropriate colour - RED - then go for it.

    Waiting can be good and deals can usually be had but with the more popular models and sizes there is often none available at the end of the year. By all accounts the Slice is extremely popular.

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    Reading Tommy's post, and several others, I think that he's already a commited Triathlete, just that this upcoming one is his first of the season.

    From reading the other posts Tommy, it looks like it's getting pretty hard to source a Slice from anywhere, and they'll be releasing the 2009 version early at an obviously increased price, to cope with the demand.

    If it was me mate, and I could get hold of one, I'd go for it and worry about the intricacies later!! [:D]

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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yeh, sorry I prbly didn't make that too clear!

    I'm coming back into tri after a few years off with injury. Ive only ever done one full season, where I competed in all sprints due to me being a 5k runner by trade! In these races I was lucky enough to borrow a friends bike, a rather nice Giant with carbon frame, as he was injured and his bike was alot better than my trusty trek!

    I thought this year was going to go the same way as the last 2 when I suffered meniscal damage back in september. But luckily thanks to some ace surgery and rapid recovery Im back into it. As a result I have finally given up football, which makes me very sad as I do love it, but its the only way i get injured!

    So basically I am looking to get back into Tri in a big way, mostly looking forward to next season, however I do intend to do these 2 races this season.

    Yeh flipflop it does look like the slice are getting hard to get. I think I will probably wait around for the 09 model, and hopefully they will make it better! although I dont see how they can!
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    learnerlearner Posts: 100
    interseting dilema, but if you have your heart set on this years model why not wait until the new model arrives and "do the shop a favour" by taking the 2008 model off their hands for a knock down price.

    If you start looking at the 2009 model and the obvious price hike that will come with it you'll be in the same postion but looking at even more of your hard earned. Or you could do what I'm planning and wait for the cycle to work scheme in the spring and don't tell the wife the true cost.

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