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Just finished and am over the moon. If my watch is to be believed, I just got a pb of 2 hours 47.55.

Was a great day and will post more when I have a touch more energy


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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey Jonhinio, congrats. I really enjoyed it too. I think I went too hard on the ride, cos I blew it on the run. Came in at 2hr 33, so was bummed to have lost that 3min. So close. Next year!!!
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    Well done guys..

    I will post a sort of report after my party tonight :)

    I managed to scrap in just under the 3 hour 2:58:51 (by my watch) totally chuffed as absolute best case was going to be 3 hours.. swim was poor.. cycle good.. I think I ran my second fast 10k (including road races!!) to finish.. so I guess the run went well...

    More too follow..


    Just seen the frist bit of footage from the Camcorder.. will need to lose weight.. new Trisuit is not flattering!!!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Good work guys, and good times.

    Looking forward to the race reports [:)]
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    PC_67PC_67 Posts: 196
    Well done guys. I gave it a skip this year - just this year though as it's my favourite race.

    I got down at 6.45am though to have a look. Was it me, or did the current look less severe than previous years (i.e., those years I did it and used the current as an excuse for a slow time :) )

    I met Richard Stannard and wished him well with his recovery. He says his wrist is a mess but luckily he should be able to avoid an operation. What a nice guy - actually made time to keep chatting to a total stranger and offered me a warm handshake at the end.

    For me it was nice to see 2 Irish elites do well - we got a 3rd in the mens race and top 10 in the womens I think.

    Did anyone see the 2 male elites going the wrong way down the run route on their bikes? They appeared out of nowhere in that stretch from the castle to the turn area for the run. They must have made a severe navigational error. They should have been DQd I reckon.
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    froggerfrogger Posts: 24
    you're all gods to me ;)

    3hrs 3 mins...

    and I owe that to the guy i couldn't catch on the bike leg

    finished about a minute in front of Jodie Stimpson so i missed all the cheering down the finishing chute.

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    EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
    my second year at windsor reminded me why it is by far my favourite Triathlon - I think the swim is amazing, the bike is intersting and not laps! and the run is great with tons of support.

    I also beat last years time and did 2.13.04, 29th overall. I am very very chuffed especially as i broke my season long wish to run a sub 40 minute 10k of 39.34.

    unfortunately this my last tri this year as i have baby number 3 arriving in 8 weeks!!!!!anyone have any tips of how to convince my wife that another triahtlon is a good idea, pre baby.

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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hey Ed, great time, dunno about the baby, but according to these, seems you were 26th, even better!


    Great results website, click on your name and its gives you avg speed in each part of the race, compared to the overall winner and winner of your category.
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    EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
    thanks b man, hope you break 2.30 and thanks for the website. i can never get enough data but i think that may just have tipped the balance.
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    froggerfrogger Posts: 24
    Thanks for the site Bman.


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    Well done everyone - It was a great day.

    I'm really pleased with my 2hr 38min.

    A few silly mistakes like forgetting to take my helmet off after the bike and having to run back through transition to put it back - bit embarrasing. But for my first OD and only second tri I'm well chuffed!
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Great work guys! Edstg... you're an animal.

    Sprint for me, so silly o'clock start. Finished in 1hr 48min 21secs... Swim was rubbish as first half I couldn't get my breath again at the turn however everything clicked and I was front crawling no probs!!! I am determined to never breaststroke again. Ever.

    Chuffed with my bike as according to the RTS data, I posted under 57mins for the 30k where I was thinking 1hr 10min. It may not seem a great achievment in the scheme of things, but for me this is a breakthrough. Managed to knock my bike computer off line so had not feedback during (long story involving two pinched tyres, a broken lever and a lot of swearing) so couldn't believe my time. Overall a brilliant day, although I will never view Windsor castle the same again. That hill 3 times over was just horrendous but the crowds were awesome.

    Met some great people, but sadly, despite the 220 t-shirt, no forum peeps! Next time guys... next time.

    Well done everyone, bring on London and some more training for me.
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    Phil TPhil T Posts: 49
    I thought it was a great race today and quite a tough course. River swim against the current (not that strong this year I'm told), long ride with a few cheeky hills (I did like that downhill coming through the park near the end though) and challenging run. I came in at 2:31 which is 7 mins slower than my last OD in May. I also had some transition dramas but I always do. Amazing location and I often read threads moaning about the costs of some events but I think this one is good value for money. Well staffed, easy parking and we get to race with the elites.
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    Can I use this forum to thank those posting here who gave me advice at a different thread on the swim leg on Friday?

    Your help was much appreciated.

    It was my first triathlon but I hope it won't be my last.

    My 3hrs 16mins has been placed in proper context by some of the amazing finishes reported here! Staggering times...

    Still, I'm very happy. I raised £2500 for the charity Mary's Meals - enough to feed nearly 300 kids for a year in parts of Africa.

    Thanks again.

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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Just wanted to say as well that it was a brilliant event!

    Don't know about anyone else but made it a point to thank every marshall I went past... Without them the event simply wouldn't take place.

    One competitor made my blood boil though. I saw this guy struggling to get his foot clipped into to his pedal out of T1 and veer off towards an official who happened to have her back to him... He screamed "GET OUT OF THE BLOODY WAY!!!" Arsehole!

    Would definitely do Windsor again. Next year its the OD for me.
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    froggerfrogger Posts: 24
    Flavadave wrote:

    Don't know about anyone else but made it a point to thank every marshall I went past... Without them the event simply wouldn't take place.

    yeah def gave those guys a thumbs up or a little nod for being out there.

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    DavidHDavidH Posts: 47
    What a great event and fantastic atmosphere.

    My first time time at windsor and thoroughly enjoyed it despite my race not going entirely to plan.

    had an ok swim 22 mins, bike was really good for me 1:07 (this is my weakest link and i've worked really hard to improve it) but the wheels fell off on the run.

    My PB is 38 minutes for 10k off the bike. Yesterday I came off the bike feeling great, half way through the first lap i started to get really bad stomach cramps, which eventually forced me to slow down, then stop and throw up (sorry to anyone who had to witness that). After that my stomach started to ease and i got going again, gradually winding up the pace. on the last lap i felt almost back to normal and decide to put the hammer down manaing to scrape together a 44 minute run.

    Despite the dissapointing run, i manged a 2:17 which i was really pleased with.

    Not sure what happened, i pushed hard on the bike, but never felt like it was too hard. felt pretty fresh starting the run. I suspect i may have drunk too much on the bike, got to the run and my stomach shut down.

    just need to convince the missus that i need a proper tri bike, then i may be able to shave some valuable seconds off my bike split. No easy task with another baby due in 3 weeks [:D]

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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    Hadn't put in anywhere as much training as I would have wanted coming back from a car accident injury in Feb so was aiming around the 3 hour mark. Local race for me so thankfully I was able to go to transition and get back home before the start. No queuing for toilets [:)]. I was in the 7.25 wave by which time the whole area was a throng of neoprene and lycra. Waved farewell to Wifey and ventured down to the river side.

    Before I knew it, we were in the water waiting for the off, I decided that I was just going to go straight down the middle of the pack and not do my usual tactic of sticking to the periphery. So off I went with various body parts flying around everywhere. I managed to find a good line and set off up the river. The currnt wasn't too bad. There was a lot of debris in the water, but I felt quite good. The return leg was made interesting by the sun being straight in our eyes. Still I managed just over the half hour mark so was happy with that. The short run to transition provided the first taste of the crowds in the town. They were noisy.

    I got out on the bike quite quickly. I've not practise having my shoes ready on the bike so I ran to the start line with them in my hand which seemed like the second best option. as I got to the bike exit Mr Burrows had made it that at the same point. A couple of shouts of encouragement to each other and it was on with the race. I felt good on the bike and was aiming for 1 hour 20 which I did with 15 seconds to spare. However it had taken a lot out of me.

    I haven't run a stand a lone distance of 10k since my car accident in Feb so this was going to be interesting. The first run lap was tough, and it got tougher. I started trying to work out if I had enough to get me over the line before 2.28.30 which was my previous pb. 2nd lap was 17+ minutes which meant I'd have to match that to give me any chance. Grit had got into my shoe and was wearign a hole in the side of my foot, but I knew if I stopped it's goodbye pb so I pressed on. Once I turned down off Eton Bridge I knew it was going to be close. Thankfully the finish line was closer and I got there with half a minute to spare. Fantastic feeling.

    Scott was just behind me so was good to see him cross the line as well. Well, onwards to London in August now. With injury free training I'm looking for a good improvement.

    Well done to all of you who's stories I read on here.

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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Happy i saw you yesterday! that explains my questions as to why someone was running out for the bike leg without a bike!!!!

    Race report for my local and favourite race, the first tri i ever did.

    Arrived nice and early to catch the big man in pink repairing his puncture, after two horrific swims in recent weeks i decided to just start at the back and get into it, big mistake as i got boxed in by three blokes and just couldnt get through, ended up standing up three times, the last time waited for a couple seconds found a clear spot dived for it and just swam straight up the middle, i thought it would be easier to handle the current than getting kick over taking. Felt great on the swim, got out very fresh in 28 mins which im a little disappointed with as was expecting sub 25 but after the past few weeks and the start i had was just happy to be out feeling fresh.

    Onto the bike which was nice, the advantage of riding the course regularly, Im a terrible starter on the bike and yesterday was no exception, couldnt believe how many lads had come off! lot of grazed shoulders and hips along the route! but did it in 1:15 which again for what i think is a slow course im not too upset about. But......

    the run, due to a hip problem this year i have run 5k twice both in races and that is it! First lap was not too bad felt strong, second lap i left my legs behind and by the third i was finished! Scotty cheers for helping me along but i just blew up completely to post a 56 minute run!

    Very disappointing

    all in all 2:44 isnt a bad time bearing in mind the training i have put in but improvement is needed for the 70.3 in august!
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    gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    well done all! Jon, Scott well done on your PBs! i got there at 9am to watch and must've missed you all - had my 220 t-shirt on just in case though! PC67 i saw that too! anyone know why swallow didnt race? there was some some serious bike porn there too! I was amazed at how the elites finished then just hung round like everyone else (i thought they'd be in a elite enclosure or something!). Next year am up for it though!

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