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Tri Shoes or Normal runners?

Evening all,

Just been looking at the new Zoot Ultra Triathlon shoe and wondering if anyone is using it? It seemed comfortable and the carbon arch seemed to offer good support. I'm doing mainly sprints and olympic distance this season and next.

Any ideas on the subject, preferences etc...........


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Buy the ones that fit you best; fit is very important, better to give 20 £ more , than getting injured due to bad shoes![8|] [;)]

    Every decent running shoe store will look at your feet/previous shoes, will give you a few shoes that match your running style/technique and will let you run outside to try them the way you will use them.

    If not, go to another store!

    Zoot is a good brand I guess,but only if they fit YOUR feet.


  • combatdwarfcombatdwarf Posts: 258
    I would agree with benny go to a good shop with gait analysis if possible. I did this recently and they picked up that i pronate and supinate - something you simply cannot see unless it is video'd and slowed down o I always wondered why my legs hurt with gel nimbus shoes - Saucony Hurricanes much better[:)]
  • dannymackdannymack Posts: 58
    Very important to get checked out to find a shoe that's right for you. Good shos will help with this. Most brands have a few nippy shoes on offer - some of which, such as my Asics DS Trainers, have some pronation support if you need it. Unless you're a very heavy build then a racer or a racer/trainer (such as the DS) will be ideal for the 5/10k racing you're doing.

    The Zoots do look good but, if they don't feel ideal you should go with another brand and just add your own elastic laces = a tri shoe.

    By the way, I'm assuming you are The Steve Davis and have to say that what with Jenson Button, Robbie Earl and Anna Kournikova taking up the sport there'll soon be more of you celebs in the field than us regular folk.

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