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Motivation for sport on holiday

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    Brind SurchBrind Surch Posts: 90
    monkey wrote:


    I am at university doing my dissertation and I am interested in the motivation for sport participation on holiday.

    I would be very grateful if anyone had time to fill in my survey and email it back to me at [email=jenny.mccready@students.plymouth.ac.uk]jenny.mccready@students.plymouth.ac.uk[/email]

    It will only take 5 minutes and all answers will be confidential.

    Are you planning to participate in sport on your next holiday? Yes [ ]

    Have you participated in sport on holiday before? Yes [ ]

    Is sport participation the main reason for on this holiday?

    No [ ]

    How many sports are planning to do on this holiday?

    2-4 [ ]

    Are you going to participate in organised or unorganised sports activities?

    Both [ ]

    Do you participate in physical exercise at home at least 3 times a week?

    Yes [ ]

    Do you compete in sport at home at least 4 times a year?

    Yes [ ]

    What expectations do you have from your sporting activities when booking the holiday?

    (More than 1 option is allowed)

    Enjoyment/Fun [ ]

    Improve physical fitness [ ]

    Improve performance or skills in a particular sport [ ]

    To challenge yourself [ ]

    Desire to be the best at the sport [ ]

    Sense of achievement [ ]

    Other _______________________

    What are your motivations for participating in sport on holiday?

    (More than 1 option is allowed)

    Enjoyment [ ]

    The sport helps me relax [ ]

    It helps you to reduce stress [ ]

    To improve Health/ Physical fitness [ ]

    Enjoy the opportunity to be aggressive [ ]

    Self-determination [ ]

    Other ________________________

    What would motivate you to participate in more sport on holiday?

    (More than 1 option is allowed)

    Better equipment/Facilities [ ]

    What would prevent you from participating in sport on holiday?

    (More than 1 option is allowed)

    Facilities are too crowded [ ]

    Other _______________________

    Gender Male [ ]

    Age group 18-25 [ ]

    Nationality British_________________________

    Occupation Stundent__________________________

    Do you have any children that holiday with you?

    No [ ]

    How many people are you going on holiday with?

    None, on my own [ ]

    One [ ]

    2-5 [ ]


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    Holiday makes me exercise to get away from my parents for some time!!
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