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Hi guys,

Just wanted to reccommend www.fizztrain.com as a brilliant training aid. Log all your training and future events, see others training and what they have been doing, weight tracker etc. Have a look. It is brilliant for motivation.


  • Brok999Brok999 Posts: 10
    Hi, i used fizztrain for quite a while, even made it into the top 5 at one point, it is very motivatonal but i found the lack of a planner to be a bit annoying. I now use triblogs as you can put your training schedule for the next year and tick it off as and when you complete it, which i find suits me a lot better.

  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I'm currently using fizztrain and do find it useful to be logging stuff online. I have wondered what other logs there were but so far I've been too lazy to look. Thanks for the tip re triblogs Dave i might have a look.

    link for triblogs is http://www.triblogs.co.uk/
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